Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Listen Up, Fairy

The Kid lost two teeth in two days. After the first one came out, he wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy requesting the following:
  • A book about how to become a Musketeer.
  • A Musketeer costume.
  • A Musketeer sword (which he promised -- "cross my heart, ten times" -- to not use on people, only bullies).
  • And a bookmark (so that he can keep his place in the book about how to become a Musketeer).
The Tooth Fairy did not leave any of these things. Instead, she left a set of Spider-Man markers.

While this gift was received with gratitude, The Kid was not shy about communicating just how little it had to do with his request.

After the second tooth fell out, he sat down and wrote the following. (Transcipt follows.)

Dear Tooth Fairy:

This is a real bluddy tooth. It is not a white rock. It is not a white pebble and it is NOT ... a ROCK that has been painted in red paint to look like blood. IT IS A REAL TOOTH. Please get my four items.


I'm not exactly sure where he got the idea that the Tooth Fairy doubted the authenticity of the first tooth and that her skepticism informed her choice of gift.

I'll let you know if she delivers the goods this time around.



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We, your loyal reading public, wait with great anticipation to hear of the Tooth Fairy's largess. Did she come through with the sword?